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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


We have started deciding on the narration for our film opening.

It has to be in the style of a wildlife documentary so below is an example of David Attenborough narrating the wolf section of Life Of Mammals.

We are going to use this to draw the similarities between the wolves featured at the start and the zombies throughout with the narration mirroring the zombies actions. It will emphasise the animalistic nature of the zombies.

Here is our first draft of the narration. we are basing it on our first draft of our film opening so we will adjust it and fine tune it once we have edited our draft again so that it fits the action exactly.

We have also been looking at sound effects for the beginning of the film. It was suggested to us that we could use bird sounds or car sounds as ambient noise before the music starts. However, we feel that this would be contradicting the dead nature of the surroundings. So we have agreed on having some wind noises. This also has the connotations of a wild west in empty shots of the deserts with some tumbleweed and wind sound effects and this may bring more comedy to our piece.

This is an example of the type of wind sound that we will use however, we will spend more time looking on the internet until we find one that is of a better quality.

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