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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

REFILMING 05/03/12

On Sunday, we had arranged to refilm in order to eliminate the mistakes that we have listed. However, on the day, after arriving and setting, 8 of our 9 actors contacted us saying that they could not make it. This was due to a mix of problems such as too much of their own work and the poor weather.

We used the time that we spent there productively though by experimenting with the makeup. The original makeup consisted of white facepaint with dark eyes. However, we felt that this was not subtle enough.

Our revised makeup consists of yellow facepaint with red around the eyes and latex 'gory wounds' pasted onto the skin. This is much more effective we feel and now that we have had practice, when we do actually refilm, it will be much more efficient for us to do the makeup and give us the maximum length of time for filming.
We will be refilming on Saturday and this time we will nto make the mistake of choosing actors who are unsure of whether they will be able to make it or not. 

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